The Benefits of Going Mobile – Retail Automation

March 2, 2020


According to the latest statistics, over 5 billion people on Earth use a mobile phone on a daily basis. While smartphones are used for a variety of purposes, some of them include online shopping and financial transactions. In fact, Amazon’s e-commerce data shows that they process over 25 million transactions within a single day.

All of this indicates the massive growth of online retail and business management, which can take your business to the next level. The digital world is growing and the businesses that fail to adapt to its wild landscape will surely be left behind. Here’s how going mobile can boost your retail business, as well as how you can develop the best mobile infrastructure for your brand or company.

The Growth of Retail on Mobile

There is no doubt that e-commerce is currently bigger than ever. The biggest brands are making millions of dollars within 24 hours, all thanks to mobile infrastructure and digital solutions. Even small businesses are benefiting from this growing trend through higher cost-efficiency and reduced expenses.

There are several reasons why e-commerce and mobile infrastructures should become the go-to solution for retail. Here are some of the most significant benefits of going mobile and automating your retail business:

  • Overcoming geographical restrictions – It is evident that a traditional retail store will always be tied to its location. In other words, the profit of a traditional store largely depends on its place in the country and whether the offered products meet the needs of the given demographic. With a mobile infrastructure, you could overcome the geographical limitations by opening your door to a worldwide market. By turning the entire world into your playground, you’ll not only expand your reach but also greatly increase your profits.
  • Boost the business with SEO – SEO or search engine optimization is one of the things that will convince you to add a mobile infrastructure to your business. With online business management and e-commerce comes online marketing, which relies on multiple sources of traffic. While in a traditional store, the traffic you receive depends on people who are actually located near the store on a given day. On a mobile platform, however, you could bring people to your store through search engine optimization and similar marketing techniques. By ranking high on search engines, your business will take over the mobile retail industry.
  • Cost efficiency – While creating a mobile infrastructure can be considered an expense, it is way less costly compared to running a traditional retail store. Cost efficiency is one of the biggest benefits of e-commerce, mainly because it allows businesses to get started on mobile without investing too much money. Besides, mobile retail automation will open the door to new marketing practices, ones that are significantly cheaper compared to traditional methods. Online marketing that comes with mobile optimization allows you to plan your budget precisely and get the best out of your money.
  • Better user experience – One thing that a mobile infrastructure will certainly bring to your business is a better user experience. In a traditional store, customers have to physically look for the items they are interested in. However, on a mobile retail store, that can use the intuitive navigation menu or even rely on the search engine to find exactly what they need. An automated mobile retail store can also perform upsells and down sells much more efficiently compared to employees in a traditional store. The good thing is, the better user experience will bring forward better reviews and thus a better overall reputation for your business.
  • Eliminate time and cost requirements – A mobile retail infrastructure will bring more people to your store by allowing potential customers to walk through your aisles virtually. The customers no longer have to leave the comfort of their home every time they make a purchase. Instead, they can cut commute time and additional expenses and simply access their favorite stores via a smartphone. This brings plenty of benefits to the business, including increased sales and traffic, as well as a higher reputation and better overall reviews.
  • The ability to target customers – One thing traditional retail processes cannot accomplish is the targeting of specific customers. With a mobile infrastructure, you can rely on more precise marketing and customer targeting. In fact, today’s marketing strategies allow you to find the right people with the right interests regardless of their location in the world. By bringing in the exact type of people who correspond to the brand’s buyer persona, you will increase conversion rates and overall profit. All of this can be done by implementing mobile retail strategies and bringing your products to the virtual shelves available to everyone.
  • Space to provide information – Once a customer walks into a traditional store, the employee cannot just walk up to them and start reciting the day’s specials and discounts. On the contrary, such actions would have a negative effect on the overall user experience. With a mobile retail site, on the other hand, you will be able to display as much valuable information as you want without ruining the customer’s journey through the site. This opportunity will allow you to enhance communication with your customers, as well as inform people of upcoming sales, product launches, and events.
  • Always open – Last but not least, a mobile retail store allows you to remain open 24/7, all year long. Customers find it more convenient to carry out their shopping intentions at their own time, without having to worry about the store’s closing and opening hours. Besides, staying open 24/7 will increase your chances of making extra sales and higher profits throughout the day. The customers will be able to proceed with their purchase regardless of the time and place. Normally, it would be difficult to keep a traditional retail store open for 24 hours, that is, an entire day. However, an automated mobile infrastructure can work continuously with no complaints!

Build a Mobile Infrastructure for Your Business

There is no doubt that a mobile infrastructure could change the course of your business for good. If you’re thinking about making a big step toward adapting to today’s trends, look into Enter Advisor and their mobile retail automation services. Enter Advisor provides efficient solutions for mobile retail growth and e-commerce in general.

Their service focuses 100% on the customer’s needs, thus allowing you to take the wheel in the production of your mobile infrastructure. Since the company takes pride in creating efficient and custom-made retail automation solutions, there is no doubt that your project will exceed your expectations and help boost your business.

Besides developing new software solutions, Enter Advisor also works on integrating the existing systems with new mobile technologies. In other words, the company will work closely with you and your team to create a software solution best suited for your business.

Follow the Technology

If you think that the ROI and profit goals you’ve set for your businesses are out of reach, chances are you’re lacking the right software solutions to make your ambitions come true. The ability to adapt to growing trends and jump on an opportunity as soon as it arises will make your business stand out among the competition.

Automation and migration to mobile are crucial for success nowadays, especially in the retail industry. With so many retailers going mobile instead of sticking to their traditional stores, any retail business that doesn’t follow along these steps will find itself closing its doors before the shift is over.

However, keep in mind that building automated solutions and switching to mobile retail doesn’t mean you have to ditch your traditional stores. In fact, the mobile retail store can serve as an expansion to your already existing business. These ambitions can become real with the help of EnterAdvisor and their expertise in the field of mobile infrastructure development.